The Tom Woods Listener’s Guide to Libertarian Strategy

Hello Tom Woods Show listener! Thank you for your interest in both liberty and strategy.

We libertarians know that words – and their meanings – matter a lot. But we also know that today double-speak is alive and well…

It turns out that “fascism” actually has a meaning. It doesn’t just mean “things I dislike.” – Tom Woods, Ep 1190

For decades our adversaries have highjacked our words, distorted their meaning, and used these distorted meanings against us. And so we must be vigilant – defending and reclaiming words like rights, freedom, and liberty.

Well there’s another concept that I’m personally committed to defending: Strategy.

Media pundits, business “gurus,” and useful idiots have abused and misused the word ‘strategy’ for years, rendering it nearly useless today. This site aims to take strategy back – to help visitors better understand what it is, what it isn’t, and to help people apply strategy to their goals – whether they’re trying to create a more free world, build a better, more profitable business, or simply protect their person, property, and wealth.


But what is strategy? How do you define it? How do tactics differ from strategy? And most importantly: what are your strategies for your most important life objectives?

Strategy is relevant any time there is competition for scarce goods – which is effectively any real-life situation. The consequences for not having a sound strategy are serious… unless you believe you’re exceptionally lucky.

I’ve worked with some incredible brands over the past 8 years building software and I’ve been quietly studying strategy while working with them. Now I’m starting to let louder about what I’ve learned and discovered about strategy, risk, and high-quality decision making and I want my liberty-minded compatriots to be among the first to benefit from my findings.

Andrew Bellay Brands and Education

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