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Strategy is the art and science of positioning yourself in a competitive landscape. My thoughts about strategy – the theory, practical applications, tools, and examples – live here at

But Straty is not a side project. Over the last decade, strategy has become the core of my professional work. In addition to offering my strategy services to customers, I also offer my written thoughts to readers publicly. And while most of my content it available at no cost, I do ask that readers consider supporting my writing – not just with their time and attention, but also with their hard-earned money.

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Learn more about Straty and me (Andrew Bellay) on the about page. Check out my definition of strategy or jump right in to my latest content. If you like what you see, I’d appreciate your support via Patreon.

What is Patreon?

Patreon is a crowd-funding platform for creators – like Kickstarter, except recurring. Typically, creators ask their fans (aka patrons) to support them on a monthly or per creation (post, video, chapter, drawing.. etc) basis. In 2017 Patreon processed $150 million in payments and they have proven to be a reputable company since their launch in 2013.

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By becoming a Straty patron, you’ll be supporting me and my deep dive into the field of strategy. You’ll pay the dollar amount you select for the “reward” on the right and receive the perks of that tier. The core value proposition for each tier is that you’ll receive interesting, high-quality strategy content that’s relevant to your business and career (plus other fun stuff).

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The group of Founding Members below believed in me and my vision of from the very start. I’m forever grateful for your support – Thank you!

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Dean Young
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Chris McLennon
Sarah Vick
Clifton Roozeboom
Vijay Bhat
Michael Terrell

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