Welcome to – a website focused on strategy.

Among the many things that I think we – as a society – undervalue, strategy is one of the most ill-defined, misunderstood, and ignored topics. This devaluation makes some sense: Strategy can be so fuzzy, so slippery, so intangible and un-actionable that it seems as if only con artists, posing as successful businessmen, dominate the field.

But clearly there’s real value in strategy as well. Wars – both literal and figurative – are won and lost because of the ideas in the heads of just a few people. On the battlefield of business, trillions of dollars flow around our increasingly global economy each year. Within a single industry, each corporate player seeks to maximize profits and monopolize market share, while start-ups attempt to destroy the old way with their technological, marketing, or business model innovations. And each individual is trying to get that promotion, close that deal, and expand their mini-empire.

The stakes are high.

The competition is fierce. The game is relentless. And never starting is always a losing strategy. So this is Straty’s start.

And while I have many aspirations for this project, but I would be lying if I said I knew what this will become. I’ve planned, plotted, and pivoted for too long now and so I’m both excited and anxious to finally hit the publish button. With a little luck and a ton of hard work I hope to polish strategy’s tarnished name and create content worth consuming.

Finally, I want to thank you – whoever you are – for your attention, encouragement & thoughtful critiques – which I expect will push me in new and often uncomfortable ways.